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    Cookie Files Policy


    1. Administrator – FABRYKA FANTAZJI Michał Głowacz, ul. Skarbowców 89B/1, 53-025 Wrocław, NIP: 6282061411.

    2. Cookies - computer data, small text files, saved and stored on devices, used by the User to browse Administrator`s web page.

    3. Device - electronic device through which the User has access to the Administrator`s web page.

    4. User - an entity to which electronic services can be given, according to these Terms and Conditions and law regulations; or with whom a Service contract can be concluded through the electronic means.


    1. Administrator uses Cookie files through the web page.

    2. Information contained by the Cookie files allows for optimal web page performance and is used for statistics and advertising.

    3. Cookie files register activities of the webpage User by recognising the device. Thanks to this the web page is displayed in the best way, adjusted to the User`s preferences.

    4. The solutions used by the Administrator are safe to User`s devices visiting the web page. It is not possible for the device to be infected by malicious software

    5. Administrator uses the following two types of Cookie files:

    6. Session cookies that are stored on the device till the current session expires. Stored information is permanently removed from the device. Session cookies do not allow for gathering any personal data or confidential data from the User`s device.

    7. Permanent cookies are stored on the device till they are deleted from it. Expiry of the session or turning of the Device will not cause the files to be deleted. Permanent cookies do not allow for gathering any personal data or confidential data from the User`s device.


    1. User has the right to limit the access or deny it to the Cookie files on their Device. In such cases it will be possible to use the web page, but for the functions that require the use of Cookie files.

    2. User can individually change the settings for Cookie files choosing the terms of their storage and accessing the User`s device. The abovementioned changes can be made through the Internet browser or through service configuration. These settings can be changed in such way that Cookie files will not be managed automatically, which can be set in the browser`s settings, and the User will be informed about saving the Cookie files on their device each and every time. Detailed information on the ways and options to manage the Cookie files is available in the settings of each browser.

    3. User can instantly remove the Cookie files using options in the browser they use.

    4. Limitation of the use of Cookie files can influence certain functionalities on the Administrator`s web page.

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